National Geographic Abu dhabi Live TV in HD

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National Geographic Abu dhabi Live TV in HD

National Geographic Channel is one of the most famous and best documentary channels that was launched for the first time in 2001 in the United States of America and was in English only, but after that the channel became available in more than 200 countries and became available in more than 200 different languages, including Arabic. The channel offers a range of different educational and entertainment programs It is a very special channel as it is suitable for adults and children.

What makes National Geographic Abu dhabi TV special:

The National Geographic channel is one of the most powerful Arab channels that offers everything that is useful for adults and children. The channel contains a distinct group of very powerful television programs, including the animal world, in which it discusses the way different animals live, including predators, and explains how predators can live and others, and there is also a group From various programs such as the quantum world and what is related to physics, there are also programs dedicated to chemistry, and there are programs dedicated to natural and human disasters, as they offer a set of very distinguished programs,The channel was able to achieve great success, despite the fact that there are many other documentary channels competing with it, such as Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, which is affiliated with the most famous Al-Jazeera group of channels at all. Documentary programs on its screen, as it is a wonderful channel and one of the best documentary channels.

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