Iqraa TV Live Channel Streaming Online in HD

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Iqraa TV Live Channel Streaming Online in HD

Iqraa religious channel is one of the most famous and oldest Arab Islamic channels and is followed by millions of people from Arab countries, especially Egypt, where it has been able to achieve great success since its launch. One of the hadith programs that interpret the hadiths and link them to the verses of the Noble Qur’an. The channel also offers a program to discuss the verses that the western media interprets incorrectly and clarifies the difference and the correct interpretation of these verses and for what I mentioned at any time and why. It is a very distinct channel that spreads the Islamic call correctly and properly

What makes Iqraa TV special:

Iqraa TV Live Channel is one of the most watched Saudi channels, especially in Egypt, due to its useful and powerful programs in teaching the moderate Islamic religion and explaining the hadiths of the Prophet and the Noble Qur’an. And the Sunnah, clarifying mixed matters for Muslims, answering questions and other wonderful religious programs. What made it special is that it is not specialized in the Holy Qur’an only like many other channels, but it has many different comprehensive programs, so it is a wonderful channel.

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